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Going to try and do 1 tiny video a day based on how my day has gone.

I can’t believe you

Mondays aren’t so bad.

Title: Make You Mine Artist: Best Coast 7,663 plays

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Anonymous asked: gl0b kn0bz

hmm could it be…. a fuck boy in my inbox
(hello taylor)

Title: Rose Parade Artist: Elliott Smith 2,673 plays

"When they clean the street, I’ll be the only shit that’s left behind"

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Title: I Don't Mind If You Forget Me Artist: Morrissey 1,327 plays

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Title: Cool Your Boots Artist: Ride 170 plays

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I was socialized to think being possessive meant you cared about me but no plz stay away from me, do not call me yours, I am not an object you own

what could make me more nauseas than reading captions like “so glad you’re mine” or “you’re the best thing I’ve ever been able to call mine” like…. let’s rethink this one please


tehehe #tbt

still the same


Who wore it better

before we lived together lmao

Anonymous asked: Your eyebrows are so great!

thank you